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Helix Personas interactive data summary now available!

Roy Morgan Research is pleased to announce the addition of new data features to the already formidable Helix Personas website.

Roy Morgan Research is pleased to announce the addition of new data features to the already formidable Helix Personas website. A ground-breaking psychographic and behavioural segmentation tool, Helix Personas is used to group consumers by their relationships with brands, their product-buying intentions and their media consumption patterns.

Helix Personas’ unique power comes from using a combination of tried-and-tested frameworks such as Technology Adoption, Values Segments, net wealth, financial sophistication and discretionary spend to predict consumer behaviour.

The new Data Summary feature unlocks the data behind Helix in an interactive and user-friendly way. Key factors such as Values Segments and Technology Adoption can now be quickly ranked and sorted to identify which Personas are Socially Aware, for example, or Technology Early Adopters. 

And that’s just for starters. The new feature can also show which Personas have the highest levels of Discretionary Spend, worry most about interest rates, want to bank online, play sport, watch Pay TV and/or like watching Reality TV shows. The possibilities are almost endless!

Click on the video to see the new Data Summary feature in action:

John Ellenberger, Helix Program Manager, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“We are very excited to share this awesome new feature with our Helix users, as it unleashes the true power behind Helix in such an easy-to-use, visual way. While users already love the detailed Persona Profiles for the insights they reveal about each individual Persona, the Data Summary feature adds a whole new dimension to our understanding of these Personas.

“It allows users to rank and sort Personas by the variables in the reports, revealing at a glance how all 56 Personas compare to each other, and which come out on top for different variables.

“Because Helix data is updated quarterly, it’s important to have an enhanced, interactive data summary facility so users can make the most of it — indeed, this is something our users have been asking for.

“We are delighted to have been able to engineer such an elegant and useable solution for our Helix community.” 

For comments or more information about Helix Personas, please contact:

John Ellenberger, Helix Program Manager
Office: +61 (3) 9224 5293
Mobile: +61 409 539 603

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The Data Summary feature is available to all Helix subscribers as part of the Data tab. If you want to find out more about Helix Personas please contact Roy Morgan Research or visit the Helix website.

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