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Australians spent 552 million hours Googling in 2015

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, January – December 2015, sample n = 50,276 Australians 14+

If you had any doubt that one particular player is (literally) synonymous with online search, take note: not only do more than eight times as many Australians visit Google in an average four week as either of its primary ‘competitors’, but 99% of people who do use Bing or Yahoo!7 also use Google, Roy Morgan Research website visitation data shows.

In 2015, 16,903,000 Australians 14+ (86%) visited the Google Search page at least once during an average four week period, while 1,929,000 visited Bing and 1,820,000 visited Yahoo!7. However, while 1.9 million unique visitors per four weeks is certainly nothing to sneeze at, nearly all of them visit Google too. 

The chart below is hard to make clear (you might need to adjust your screen resolution!). The orange slivers on top of the Bing and Yahoo!7 columns represent those 20,000 or so Australians who visit that search page in an average four weeks but not Google as well—in each case, only around 1 in 100 visitors.  

Number of Australians visiting Search Sites

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, January – December 2015, sample n = 50,276 Australians 14+

But Bing and Yahoo!7 visitors don’t just also visit Google—they spend far more time Googling than they do Binging or Yahooing. 

Google Search visitors averaged a touch over 2.5 hours each on the site in an average four weeks in 2015, for an estimated total of 552 million hours of national Googling over the year.

Although Bing and Yahoo!7 have similarly sized unique audiences reach in an average four weeks, the time those visitors spend on the site differs dramatically.

Bing visitors spend almost 24 minutes on Bing on average during a four-week period, for a combined national Bing time of not-quite 10 million hours last year. These visitors also spend an average three hours on Google—half an hour more than the average Googler.

However Yahoo!7 Search visitors spend only a little over seven minutes on the site each on average (tallying less than three million hours in 2015). Another 2.5 hours is spent on Google. 

That is, Australians spend more time searching on Google in around two days than they do on Yahoo!7 Search in a whole year—and it takes a whole week to surpass Bing.

Tim Martin, General Manager – Media, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Roy Morgan Research has long measured website visitation in Australian population terms, as well as sessions, page views and duration. Measurement of websites, apps, streaming and on-demand services are but just one component of our comprehensive cross-media measurement data.

“Our Single Source methodology enables us to compile a complete picture of audiences across television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and internet, plus cinema, outdoor, catalogues and direct mail—an integral component of measuring the true unique reach of cross-platform content and advertising campaigns.

“Our website measurement also offers seven-day usage figures. This is vital when integrating combined reach with newspaper print readership, radio listening and television viewing—monthly visitation figures are no longer the ideal way to understand audience habits in today’s digital world.

“Single Source also captures just about anything you could ever want to know about the media habits of consumers: their age, gender, location, lifestyle, attitudes, behaviours, and purchasing habits and intentions across the full range of industries.

“To simplify this complexity for businesses and media owners, we have developed some practical psychographic segmentation tools like Values Segments, Technology Adoption Segments, and Helix Personas.

“We are also now preparing to roll out Roy Morgan Audiences, which finally fulfils the inherent potential of digital by measuring and understanding the Australians accessing web pages and apps in real time, and not recounting them when they visit again on a different device another time.” 

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