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Tooth decay rates higher in Maoris, Pacific Islanders

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (New Zealand), January - December 2012 (n = 11,598)
If, to paraphrase Don Quixote, every tooth in a person’s mouth is worth more than a diamond, then certain segments of the New Zealand population are in danger of losing their fortune, according to the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research.

In New Zealand, some 23% of Maoris and 19% of Pacific Islanders have tooth decay, a higher rate than the national average (17%). New Zealanders aged between 35 and 49 also have a higher-than-average incidence (21%). Younger Kiwis (aged 24 and under) and people from Asian backgrounds tend to have the healthiest teeth.

Tooth decay among different segments of the New Zealand population

Tooth decay among different segments of the New Zealand population
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (New Zealand), January - December 2012 (n = 11,598).

Results also reveal that people from the lowest socio-economic quintile (FG) are likelier to have tooth decay than the rest of the population, with those from the highest quintile (AB) least likely.

Pip Elliott, General Manager, Roy Morgan Research NZ, says:

“These results come as no surprise: indeed, they reflect findings from the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s 2009 Oral Health Survey.

“There is a worrying trend towards higher rates of tooth decay among less financially secure segments of the population — people who might not be able to afford dental care. This situation is unlikely to improve unless the Government adds dentists to the public healthcare system for adults as well as children. (The fact that young New Zealanders have such a low incidence of tooth decay suggests that free dental care is a good way of enticing more people to the dentist.) 

“The findings also raise the question of tooth decay incidence in areas of water fluoridation versus those without, but this would need to be investigated further.”

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