Two Party Preferred

ALP 51% down 1.5%
L-NP 49% up 1.5%
May 21/22 & 28/29, 2016

Voting Intention

ALP 32.5
L-NP 37.5
Greens 13
Ind 17
May 21/22 & 28/29, 2016

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence

117.8 +0.3


8.5 -1.9

Business Confidence

108.6 -7.5

Inflation Expectations

4.8 -0.2

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It’s hard to ignore the power of place in Australia’s historical narrative: Botany Bay, Port Arthur, Myall Creek, and Ballarat all resonate in our national historical imagination. Place literally locates our individual and collective historical consciousness in the world around us—family, community and national narratives are bound by the places in which they play out.

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Australia’s longest running State Premier Colin Barnett (elected to the job in September 2008) is under pressure with his Government slipping further behind on a two-party preferred basis: L-NP 47.5% (down 1.5% since August)  cf. ALP 52.5% (up 1.5%) while Barnett’s personal support as ‘Better Premier’ is also at a record low when compared to Opposition Leader Mark McGowan: Barnett 41% (down 2%) cf. McGowan 59% (up 2%). Western Australia is the next State to go to an election in five months time in March 2017.

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In NSW the Baird Government has for the first time lost the two-party preferred lead: ALP 51.5% (up 2% since August) cf. L-NP 48.5% (down 2%) following the controversial decision by Premier Mike Baird to ban greyhound racing form 1 July 2017 – although this decision has now been reversed under intense pressure from the public and many of his partyroom colleagues. Despite his troubles in recent months Baird still holds a narrow lead as ‘Better Premier’: Baird 52.5% (down 3.5%) cf. Luke Foley 47.5% (up 3.5%).

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During September support for National fell for the second straight month, by 4.5% to 41.5% (the lowest support for National in three years since September 2013) now clearly behind a potential Labour/Greens alliance 45.5% (up 5.5%) for the first time in a year – since September 2015 after Prime Minister John Key attended several overseas summits in early September.

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Federal 2 Party Vote

Morgan Poll - May 21/22 & 28/29, 2016. 3,099 electors Party

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