Australian June real unemployment 9.3% – down for fourth consecutive month

Roy Morgan Unemployment - June 2015 - 9.3%

Economic : Finding No: 6323

12,755,000 Australians are in the workforce (up 247,000 since June 2014) – now 11,563,000 Australians are employed (up a large 381,000 since June 2014 – and a new record high). 7,820,000 Australians are employed full-time (up a large 351,000 since June 2014 – and a new record high).

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Australia’s most gender balanced sports and activities

Market Research : Finding No: 6321

Breaking news: women and men sometimes enjoy doing different things—but the latest research from Roy Morgan reveals Australia’s 10 most gender-neutral sports and activities, with almost equal proportions of female and male participants.
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Tennis, cycling and socio-economic advantage


Market Research : Finding No: 6317

With Wimbledon and the Tour de France both kicking off this week, there will no doubt be plenty of sleepy sports fans in the coming few weeks  – many of them from the wealthier end of the socio-economic spectrum, as the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal.
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Analyse Media Spend by Helix Personas

Market Research : Finding No: 6318

Does my media spend reach my target audience? Which audiences are my competitors targeting? Where should I allocate my media spend? Does my advertising creative match my target audience? Is the audience I am targeting actually buying my product?
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ANZ-Roy Morgan Indonesian Consumer Confidence Down Slightly in June

ANZ-Roy Morgan Indonesian Consumer Confidence Rating - June 2015 - 151.2

Economic : Finding No: 6309

ANZ-Roy Morgan Indonesian Consumer Confidence fell slightly to 151.2 (down 1pt) in June – now 7.4pts lower than it was a year ago in June 2014 (158.6) but just below the 2015 average of 151.8. The small fall in confidence was driven by reduced optimism about personal finances.
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L-NP vote up 1% as Opposition Leader Bill Shorten under controversy for his role in the AWU ‘affair’ and caught out on a lie – however ALP would still win a Federal Election

Morgan Poll on Federal Voting Intention - June 29, 2015

Political : Finding No: 6319

Federal L-NP support is up 1% to 46.5% cf. ALP 53.5% (down 1%) after Opposition Leader Bill Shorten faced criticism for his role in the AWU ‘affair’ and was caught lying about his support for former Prime Minister Julia Gillard – however the ALP would still win a Federal Election held now.

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Are jet skis just aquatic motorbikes?


Market Research : Finding No: 6316

When it comes to two-wheeled transport, Australians clearly prefer pedal-power to horsepower. While almost one-third of the nation’s households have at least one bicycle in them, just over 7% are home to a motorbike.
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Do terrorists deserve the same rights as other criminals?


Market Research : Finding No: 6313

Terrorism is a topic that’s impossible to avoid in the Australian media and this week has been especially eventful. So do Australians believe that terrorists deserve the same rights as other criminals? Read on...
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