Satisfaction with risk and life insurance remains the lowest of all major insurance types


Market Research : Finding No: 7144

As of December 2016, satisfaction among risk and life insurance policy holders was 67.4%, down from 68.8% in 2015, and still lower than that of all other major insurance types. Less than one in four of risk and life policy holders were ‘very satisfied’ with their insurance company. 

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Why Vodafone is the top mobile provider in (only) Sydney


Market Research : Finding No: 7151

Most capital cities mirror the national story: Telstra is the number one mobile service provider, ahead of Optus in second, and Vodafone in third. But in Sydney (and only in Sydney) Vodafone claims the number one spot, Roy Morgan Research shows.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence eases to 127.4 in February (down 1.3pts)

ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence - February 2017 - 127.4

Economic : Finding No: 7147

Consumer sentiment continues to shine brightly; the headline index eased a tad in February while the seasonally adjusted estimate lifted. Glowing consumer sentiment augurs well for spending trends and economic momentum. Inflation expectations and house price expectations were largely unchanged.
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Kids now spend more time online than watching TV


Market Research : Finding No: 7139

Well, it’s finally happened: Australian kids now spend more time using the internet than watching television, Roy Morgan’s Young Australians Survey shows—but when it comes to at-home entertainment, TV still reigns…for now.
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Which capital city has the most holiday appeal for Aussies?


Market Research : Finding No: 7141

A lot can happen in 10 years: Prime Ministers can come and go, technology can evolve in inconceivable ways, and holiday destinations can fall in and out of favour. So it’s no surprise to learn that there have been some shifts in which capital cities Australians want to visit on holiday.
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Magazine readership finishes 2016 on a high

Market Research : Finding No: 7136

Roy Morgan today releases the latest Australian Magazine Print Readership and Cross-Platform Audience results for the year to December 2016. Print magazines reached 12,658,000 Australians aged 14+, up 3.6 percent since 2015.
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Over 12 million Australians have jobs for the first time – including over 8 million full-time jobs, but real unemployment now 9.7% (1.295m)

Roy Morgan Monthly Unemployment - January 2017 - 9.7%

Economic : Finding No: 7137

For the first time in January over 12 million Australians are now employed – up 368,000 over the past year. However, a total of 2.402 million Australians, 17.9% of the workforce, were either unemployed (1,295,000) or under-employed (1,107,000) - down 173,000 (down 1.8%) from January 2016.

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Business Confidence rises in January to 116.8 (up 2.4%) driven by more confidence in the Australian economy

Roy Morgan Business Confidence - January 2017 - 116.8

Economic : Finding No: 7138

Roy Morgan Research’s Business Confidence rose 2.4% to 116.8 in January driven by increasing confidence about the Australian economy. The rise in Business Confidence occurred despite the Australian All Ordinaries falling slightly in January, down 44.1pts (-0.8%) to 5,675 in contrast to the record highs on US indices following Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential Election.

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Satisfaction with big four banks up in December but high-value customers left well behind for satisfaction and advocacy


Market Research : Finding No: 7134

The satisfaction level of the big four banks’ personal customers as of December 2016 was 79.9%, the latest Roy Morgan data reveals. However their top-quintile customers (top 20%), who account for 62.9% of the total value of the financial services market, had the lowest satisfaction level of all the quintiles (73.4%).
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Pie Face, pies and football

February 06 2017

With reports that beleaguered fast-food chain Pie Face may soon be sold, the latest Roy Morgan findings bode well for the company if it gets back on track: the number of Aussies who say they like eating pies (and pasties) has grown substantially sinc...

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