ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence dips - down 2.2% to 115.5

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence - September 20, 2016 - 115.5

Economic : Finding No: 6966

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence fell 2.2% to 115.5 this week, unwinding some of the previous week’s gain. Last week’s sell-off in financial markets – which raised fears of a sharper correction across bonds and equities - was likely the main driver of the fall in confidence. Financial market weakness looks to have trumped the news of a dip in the unemployment rate to a three-year low of 5.6%.

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iPhone delivers high usage for photos, music and video

mobile music

Market Research : Finding No: 6977

Almost half of Australia’s 16 million smartphone owners are using an Apple iPhone. These iPhone owners are much more likely than others to use the handset as a camera or for playing videos and music.
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Kids’ favourites don’t have to be a guessing game


Market Research : Finding No: 6973

Christmas may be months off yet, but as parents of young children know, it’s wise not to leave the important task of gift-shopping til the last minute. But staying abreast of what's cool with kids is a challenge -- for the simple reason that their tastes can change from one day to the next. So what IS cool with kids right now? 

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JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys: satisfaction guaranteed?


Market Research : Finding No: 6975

With news that home-entertainment giant JB Hi-Fi has bought home-appliances giant The Good Guys, the Australian consumer electronics market looks set for a shake-up. Roy Morgan Research considers what this could mean for the sector.
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Seven West Media newspapers will reach 60% of WA

Market Research : Finding No: 6976

With The West Australian, the Sunday Times, Perth Now, Network Seven and Pacific Magazines, Seven West Media will soon have access to more than six in seven West Australians.
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Amaysim fixed broadband will hit TPG Telecom hardest


Market Research : Finding No: 6969

Amaysim’s customers are, by definition, far more interested than average in signing up to lower-cost telecommunications services—which is exactly the space dominated by TPG in the fixed broadband market.
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Australian real unemployment virtually unchanged at 10.4% (down 0.1%) in August and under-employment drops to 7.1% (down 1.9%)

Roy Morgan Real August Unemployment Estimate - August 2016 - 10.4%

Economic : Finding No: 6968

Australian real unemployment was virtually unchanged at 10.4% (down 0.1%) in August, nearly double the current ABS figure for July 2016 (5.7%). However this is a substantial increase in unemployment over the past year with 1.332 million Australians (up 159,000 since August 2015) now unemployed.

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State of the Nation 25: Spotlight on Financial Risk

August 25 2016

Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine this week presented the latest State of the Nation Report in Melbourne and Sydney, with a special Spotlight on Financial Risk including Mortgage debt & stress, Income risks and the adequacy of retirement ...

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